'HEY MISS. MARIA!' The Highlights of an Art Teacher

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Art teachers as islands…


I really wish I could be real-life friends with all you amazing art teachers on tumblr. This is something that pops into my head on a regular basis. 

Some days I’m the only teacher I see all day, and it does get a little lonely- but then I’ll hop on my tumblr feed and there you all are being awesome and I cheer right up.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a school filled with only art teachers? At least for a day or two… Sigh…

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It’s always odd trying to communicate to non-teachers how going out is not a possibility on most school nights.  To them, it’s like, “Yeah i went to work too!  Just come hang out!”  To me, it’s like…I just talked for 9 hours straight and I literally just want to be silent on this couch and listen to music and relax.  I want to watch stupid YouTube videos, lesson plan, listen to music, and drink an IPA.

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Pre-School—Current work in progress: Jackson Pollock inspired class painting.

My students had so much fun! My room was splattered with so much paint. Thank goodness these little cuties love to clean up the classroom. We playfully counted how many spots everyone could wipe up in a minute. One boy said he got a “gazillion-million-trillion!” I can’t wait to see how this painting will look like when it’s completed. Last year, one of the two Jackson Pollock inspired pieces went for $450 at our silent auction, so I’m excited to see how much these bad boys will raise this year.

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